Our Story

Ana Brito, granddaughter of Doña Carmen Santos, presents a new natural product called ‘As my grandmother used to say CARLIX ’. When Ana was only 12 years old something new started for her. Her grandmother Da Carmen gave her the gift of a manicure and pedicure set, because she saw her developing an interest in that area. Da Carmen was a much loved lady, with a special interest in natural medicine.

She lived in a little village and enjoyed going shopping, because of her reliable and sociable character she was very loved and appreciated by her neighbours.

As the years passed her health deteriorated, and her walks became considerably less. The diabetes which she suffered from caused problems with her toenails such as: ingrown toenails, Fungal infections and thickened nails. Da Carmen suffered from these ailments in silence.

After several visits to the doctor she was prescribed various treatments, both oral and topical, which her granddaughter applied diligently to alleviate her problems. Despite so much daily effort the results were not positive.

It was then that Dna Carmen decided to take matters into her own hands. Using her knowledge of the healing effects of several plants she spent over a year making extracts of those plants.

Her granddaughter Ana gave her pedicures to test the mixtures that Da Carmen prepared weekly, in the hope of solving her nail problems. After many years of trial and error they eventually discovered the formula for what is now known as CARLIX.

After a few days of using this new formula the fungal infection started to gradually disappear and the thickening of her nails was corrected thanks to CARLIX and her granddaughter’s pedicures. The pain caused by her ingrown toenails was diminishing.

Da Carmen and her granddaughter Ana were pleasantly surprised by the results.

As the years passed Ana has discovered that doesn’t just enjoy beautifying feet; what she is really passionate about is treating and healing the causes of damage to the nails, in both the hands and feet. She remembered her grandmother’s recipe that had caused such a dramatic improvement to her hands and feet and since then recommends it to anybody who suffers from fungal infections.